2020 Livestream

There are many ways to still be part of TEDxExeter 2020 even if you don’t have tickets.

As usual there will be free livestream events around the city, and we will give you more details as they become available.

You can also watch at home from the link we will provide.

In 2019 many companies and people organised their own livestream events, and thousands more watched online from countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, India, Russia, Japan, Nigeria, Somalia, US, Mexico and Venezuela. We have had Livestream hosts welcoming their own audiences (both small and big) to their homes, workplaces, libraries, village halls and even a cinema in India!

It is very easy to organise your own event, and our TEDxExeter 2020 LIvestream guide will help you plan your day, just sign up to find out more.

You will receive information on how to host a Livestream event, as well as guidance on what simple steps you need to take to experience TEDxExeter 2020 as it unfolds. Once you have registered, please shout about it on social media!

“Every year people around the world watch live online as our speakers take to the stage right here in Exeter. Anyone who has been part of TEDxExeter over the past eight years will know what to expect, but if you’re curious about the world around you and want to be challenged, moved and inspired, why not pop along to a livestream event or host your own?

Claire Kennedy, licensee and curator of TEDxExeter.

The impact of TEDxExeter livestream events:

“Devon County Council is delighted to support TEDxExeter – we have had the pleasure of livestreaming the event for the past two years and are planning an even bigger livestream presence this year, which we are very excited about.

We encourage all our staff and elected Members to be part of TEDxExeter as the range of thought provoking talks help to challenge how we think, how we deliver our services, how we connect with partners and communities, and how we can best ensure that we are helping residents to live their lives well.

The County Council is always interested in learning from fresh perspectives, new ideas and human connection and TEDxExeter plays an extremely important part in helping to inspire and energise us all!”

Phil Norrey, Chief Executive, Devon County Council

“Anticipation is building for our 5th year of collaboration with TedxExeter. We run a large livestream event for over 100 people at our headquarters, a series of satellite venues in police stations and our staff are invited to join our wonderful partners at some shared events across Devon and Cornwall. We’ve tried a number of things over the years, but our overall aim is to create an experience as close to being at TedxExeter as we can for our staff.
Each year we have some dedicated returners, who are committed attendees, but also scores of new faces who have either been encouraged by others, or have been intrigued by and responded to our open advert for tickets.

TedxExeter is an important part of our annual programme of investment in our staff, to keep them well, to inspire them to innovate and to give them thinking time. It is also a way we create space for better conversations between people, to build relationships, share ideas and possibilities. The day and our wider use the talks through the year, gives us access to perspectives that are not easily available to us and broadens our thinking. Investing in our people in this way helps us to remind them of their own responsibility to invest in their personal development and of all the resources available to support them in doing this. It also reinforces our commitment to their personal development, and to a flexible approach to learning throughout their careers.

We know the experience has been a catalyst for individual change, for team development and for new ways of staff seeing the world, both at work and much more widely. The Police see the most complex and troubling aspects of any society and TedxExeter is always an opportunity for us to have a different view for a day. It allows us to see the unique strengths and to be inspired by the achievements of those around us. A day to think and talk about the possibilities of our shared future is something we are very grateful to be a part of.”

Alexis Poole – Devon & Cornwall Police

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