Exeter School Vocal Ensemble


An acapella assortment.

The Ensemble’s performance is book-ended by Eric Whitacre’s haunting “Sleep” and a setting of “The Lonesome Road”. There’s a humorous interlude, but you’re going to have to watch to find out what that is.

Vocal Ensemble is a small choral group made up of 18 of Exeter School’s finest singers, aged 15 to 18. The choir was formed in 2008 in response to requests from the wider community to provide a small, portable, vocal group to perform at a variety of concerts and events. Vocal Ensemble has sung at weddings, for dinners and a variety of outreach occasions. Their repertoire covers a broad range of music from jazz, pop and classical genres, and can be contacted via music@exeterschool.org.uk. Singers: Georgina Allen Mela Baldock Fionn Connolly Hannah Connolly Richard Douglas Clara Finnigan Rebecca German Isabella Gibber Alice Greenwood Emma Hitt Jess Honey Anna-Karin Jones Emma Sinclair Lila Tristram Rosie Vercoe Jack Wride Ben Zemen

Biography published 2014

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