With the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference starting tomorrow, expectations are high. Many believe this to be ‘the best last chance to get runaway climate change under control’. Greta Thunberg has warned of a ‘build back better blah blah blah’, approach. The world cannot afford a cop-out at COP26. The stakes are too high.

Throughout COP26 we will share a curated selection of new global TED Countdown talks, interspersed with popular TEDxExeter climate focused talks, demonstrating what a healthy, abundant, zero-emission future can look like, with stirring examples of real progress underway and powerful reasons why this is the time to act.

COP & Coffee

As world leaders gather in Glasgow, please join us on social media to engage in the climate conversation, at 11am every day of COP26. 

It’s time: ‘we’re in the middle of a crisis, the alarm bells have been ringing and we can’t keep hitting the snooze button’, UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, told the TED Countdown conference in Scotland earlier this month.
It’s time to act: we know what it takes to get to net-zero by 2050. All we need is the will and investment, from both the public and private sector, to put plans into action’ assured UN High Level Climate Change Action Champion, Nigel Topping and Climate Tech Investor, Gabriel Kra. So what can ordinary people do to convince them? ‘Be political, demand change from your leaders.’
It’s time to act together: activists, investors, scholars, entrepreneurs, politicians, youth leaders, scientists, urban planners, farmers, CEOs, artists, and government officials, have all pooled their energies globally to tackle the most challenging climate questions, and, crucially, to find the most effective, evidence-based ideas out there. The global Countdown goal is to identify bold solutions that can be activated when people break out of silos and rise to the challenge.

TEDxExeter Climate Change Countdown

SOS Ocean Emergency with Simon Reeve and Alasdair Harris

We had the second of our TEDxExeter Climate Change Countdown 2021 series on 16 March with 250 people attending, our biggest interactive online event to date!

We’re thrilled to release our latest talk, filmed in a studio setting, from the renowned neuroscientist, broadcaster and author, Dr Hannah Critchlow.

In this fascinating and timely talk, How our Brains Shape our Destiny, renowned neuroscientist, broadcaster and author, Dr Hannah Critchlow explains how the answers to fundamental questions about fate and free will lie in our understanding of the human brain.  Her talk draws on research for her latest book, The Science of Fate, a highly accessible and awe-inspiring examination of the science of who we are, which made the Sunday Times Bestseller list. Her talk is an investigation of how to shape our best future through neuroscience, using examples from everyday life to show the potential, as well as the dangers, which come with being able to predict our likely futures.  

For more information about Hannah Critchlow click here

TEDxExeter Countdown
How can we be good ancestors?

The TEDxExeter Climate Change Countdown 2021 series got off to a flying start on 25 January, when we gathered on Zoom to cast our minds into the distant future and talked with public philosopher and renowned author, Roman Krznaric about how to be ‘A Good Ancestor’.

Our world is divided like never before in our living memory by this thing called “race”. As a human rights lawyer I’ve represented families who have been torn apart by it. But what if I told you race is a myth? I gave this TED Talk because I wanted to decode and debunk one of the most powerful and pernicious forces on earth – and suggest what we can do to change it.”  Dexter Dias QC

We are beyond proud to announce that TEDxExeter’s talk with human rights lawyer Dexter Dias QC –  Racism thrives on silence – speak up! – is now live on TED.com and has had over 1.25 million views!

This is a huge moment for the TEDxExeter team. In the midst of a global pandemic and UK lockdown, we were compelled to respond to the death of George Floyd, and to join the vital conversation around the Black Lives Matter movement. We wrote, curated and filmed this talk remotely from our homes in five days. 500 people joined us via a Zoom webinar to watch it. 

By watching this talk, you are keeping Black Lives Matter current and crucial; ensuring that nobody will forget the unlawful killings, not just of George Floyd, but as Dexter explains, of so many other black people in police custody each year.

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TEDxExeter is Exeter’s Festival of Ideas, a local festival with global reach. Our talks are filmed, released freely on the TEDxYouTube channel and translated into up to 34 languages. They have been viewed over 24 million times by a truly global audience. TEDxExeter has been ranked the 4th TEDx in the world for talks with 1m+ views on TED.com.

TEDxExeter is organised by volunteers from the community, for the community. People who believe ideas can change the world. We organise one main, annual conference and additional, smaller events throughout the year.

We provide a unique platform in Exeter which brings together influential thinkers, policy makers and a diverse audience from across the city and beyond. We work hard to create stimulating and thought-provoking events – but our ultimate aim and greatest hope is that through them we can galvanise positive action

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“TEDxExeter offers us the chance to lift our gaze above the day to day, to step back, to reflect, to be challenged, and to go out at the end of the day inspired to make a positive difference” Claire Kennedy, licensee and curator of TEDxExeter

“One of Exeter’s best exports” Karime Hassan, Chief Executive and Growth Director of Exeter City Council

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. (Subject to certain rules and regulations.)

“TEDxExeter provides a launchpad for new ideas, supporting speakers from all walks of life to share their worlds, experiences and dreams. ” Steve Simpson – TEDxExeter 2019 Speaker

“TEDx is stimulation and inspiration, different ways of looking at the world, it shows the world through other peoples’ eyes.” Chris Turner -TEDxExeter 2019 Speaker