Amy & Ella Meek


Kids against plastic

Can we count on adults alone to save the planet? Amy and Ella, young founders of Kids Against Plastic, don’t think so. That’s why they are working hard to inspire all of us, young people, adults, businesses and communities, to do something about the problems caused by single-use plastics and become plastic clever.

Amy and Ella Meek founded their campaign Kids Against Plastic in 2016 after learning about the UN’s Global Goals and taking seriously the need for everyone to do their bit

They realised plastic was a double-edged sword: a magnificent invention, but also an enormous environmental monster in waiting. So they decided to act, and over the last two years have worked hard to inspire school children, engage politicians, business leaders and academics, and to motivate families, cafés, businesses and people to become Plastic Clever.

Biography published 2018

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