“Join me for an acoustic adventure beneath the waves.. human impacts are rapidly changing the soundtrack of the ocean. But it is not too late! With creative solutions we can restore natural soundscapes and help save the many animals that depend on acoustics for their very survival.”

Steve Simpson – TEDxExeter 2019

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Steve Simpson

Changing the soundtrack of the ocean

Far from being a silent world, our oceans are a rich tapestry of sound. But this soundtrack is changing, with devastating consequences for marine ecosystems. Steve Simpson explains why humans are to blame and what we can do about it.

Steve Simpson is a marine biologist, fish ecologist and self-confessed ocean optimist. His work focuses on impacts of global change Рincluding climatic warming, ocean acidification and noise Рon fish, fisheries and marine ecosystems. Steve’s work on bioacoustics, including fish communication and soundscape mapping, was featured on Blue Planet II.

Biography Published 2019

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