“It’s time to transform our society from one that’s literally built on burning the remains of our long dead ancestors, to one that’s powered by light.”

Howard Johns – TEDx Exeter 2017

Howard Johns

Your invitation to the community energy revolution

An energy revolution is happening right now. Last year, 500,000 solar panels were deployed around the world every day. But Howard Johns argues our best hope of tackling climate change lies in a new model of community energy generation. Here’s your invitation to join the growing movement.

Howard Johns works for a community-owned renewable energy revolution. He has founded and led an award winning solar business, a pioneering community-owned energy company and written a guide book to help others to do the same. He has campaigned on energy and climate issues from treehouses and parliament – and everywhere in between.

Author of Energy Revolution – Your guide to repowering the energy system, Howard is an energy engineer, entrepreneur, business leader and activist. Following his degree in energy technology and environment, he has protested against, among other things, the digging of an open cast coal mine, and was evicted from a tree in the process.

Moving on from saying no to the problems, Howard set about building solutions, eventually founding a national solar energy company, and a locally owned renewable energy co-operative – the first one in the UK to build a solar energy project with a community share offer. At the same time he chaired the trade body representing the UK solar industry, finding himself campaigning on energy policy again in the process.

Howard is convinced we have all the technology and money we need to implement the right climate and energy solutions. Now it is time for lots of people to get involved in making it happen. He still works with his local community energy company Ovesco – to scale this project and increase its impact. He is also managing director of a business that manages hundreds of megawatts of solar power stations around the UK, as well as chairman of the positive climate change charity 10:10.

Biography published 2017

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