John Robb


Pop culture and technology: The shock of the new

From Kraftwerk to the iPhone, John Robb considers the complex relationship between technology and pop culture. He explores how technological advances have impacted on artists while putting music fans at the centre of pop culture, for better or worse.

John Robb was born in Blackpool, fired by the punk rock DIY ethic he put together his legendary cult band the Membranes. At the same time he started his own fanzine before moving onto the music press and writing for Sounds where he coined the phrase Britpop and was the first person to interview Nirvana, the Stone Roses and the whole of the emerging Manchester scene. From this platform he went onto be regular radio and TV pundit and presenter and author of best selling music culture books including ‘Stone Roses and the Resurrection of British pop’ and ‘the oral History Of Punk rock. He is currently the boss of one of the UK’s main music culture website, fronts a reformed Membranes whose critically acclaimed Dark Matter/Dark Energy album combined the Universe into life and death and a post punk trip.

Biography published 2017

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