Matt Hayler


Making IT Beautiful

We imbue our artefacts with a life of their own. We make things special; we decorate our IT with stickers and dog-ear our books. Matt Hayler describes how being human is about making things more than just things.

Matt Hayler is a teaching fellow specialising in Digital and Cyberculture Studies and Criticism and Theory at the University of Exeter and recently completed his thesis on portable electronic reading technologies, their impact on readers, and the conversations they might relaunch about our interactions with artefacts more broadly.

In his ongoing research, he is interested in the interaction between Cognitive Neuroscience and phenomenology for Humanities research, the impact of digital tools, environments, and cultures, and the reflection of material concerns in experimental literature.He also works as network coordinator for the AHRC-funded Cognitive Futures in the Humanities research network.

Biography published 2014

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