Tobit Emmens


How to be a revolutionary

Step 1. Listen to what people are saying and what they aren’t saying.

Step 2. Stand up and feel the ground beneath your feet, and hold a confident body posture; it will change you and will change others too.

Step 3. Smile – one of the basic signs of humanity.

Tobit is Head of Research and Innovation for Devon Partnership NHS Trust and a University Fellow at the Exeter University Medical School. He received his MSc (a meta-narrative review on suicide and media) from the University of Exeter in 2010.

As an NHS manager, researcher and innovator, his work is grounded in the stories people, places and organisations tell and includes work on the identification and management of suicide ‘hotspots’, the use of SMS Text Messages to support people who self-harm, the role of online communities for people who self-harm, community wellbeing projects, and how to improve services for people with autism.

He is married, has three young children and lives in Exeter.

Biography published 2013

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