“I’m a girl who has fallen time and time again, and is not afraid to do it again – find your inner SiSu.”

Anna Frost – TEDxExeter 2016

Anna Frost

Raising adventurous and brave children

The world needs more sisu girls; girls who are adventurous, brave and fearless; girls who know that falling is not failing, and that perfection is not really how life is. These qualities can be summed up by the Finnish word Sisu, meaning ‘to have extraordinary courage in the face of adversity’. Salomon sponsored ultra runner, SisuGirls Ambassador, and winner of the Hardrock100 race in 2015, Anna Frost, talks about how we all can act as role models, allowing our children to find their inner sisu, to show the world their true colours, their determination to succeed through trial and error, fun and strength, hard work and passion.

Anna Frost is an ultrarunner and an ambassador for SisuGirls. She has travelled the world for the past 10 years, racing on mountain trails, exploring new environments, competing in new inspiring races and meeting people from exotic cultures. She aspires to be the very best athlete she can, to share her experience and inspiration and reach for new levels of holistic challenges. She aims never to stop learning, or to forget that we have one life, with just one limit, our own.

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