Dick Moore


Dancing or drowning in the rain?

Life is in three parts: sometimes fun, sometimes normal, and sometimes stormy. How are we teaching children resilience when they encounter the storms?

Dick Moore is a passionate advocate for mental health in children and teens.

Dick Moore has been an English teacher, rugby coach, senior school housemaster and prep school headmaster, the latter for almost 23 years. Circumstances led to a developing passion for adolescent emotional wellbeing. A qualified instructor for Youth Mental Health First Aid, Dick is also closely involved with the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, for whom he is a Trainer. As such, he visits businesses and schools around the UK and overseas to talk to pupils, parents and teachers about the challenges of adolescence – for young people and those who care for them – and about the signs and symptoms of common mental health disorders. Dick has appeared on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 5, as well as local radio and BBC1’s Breakfast TV, and has a passion for The Great War and Fulham FC!

Biography published 2015

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