Matthew Owen

“We now have more rain forest under community control than any other NGO or governement in the world.”

Matthew Owen – TEDxExeter 2016

Matthew Owen

How a TEDx talk is helping save the rainforest

Could a TEDx talk be the coolest calling card ever? Cool Earth, a charity working with indigenous communities to protect rain forests around the world, thinks it is. To a backdrop of stunning photographs listen to Matthew’s powerful story of the impact of TEDx.

Matthew set-up Cool Earth in 2007 to work with indigenous communities and help keep keep their rainforest standing. Cool Earth now works throughout the tropics and has put 500,000 acres of endangered forest out of reach of loggers. Matthew has run a childcare charity, managed a research group and spent 15 years in investment banking. He now lives in Falmouth with three daughters.

Biography Published 2016

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