“As we’ve made more and more decisions in the world, we’ve turned to technology, but we need to ask ourselves – is this correct?”

Usman Haque – TEDxExeter 2016

Usman Haque

Making decisions about technologies that make decisions about us

More and more, we’re getting machines to help us make decisions: what to buy, where to drive, even who to kill. Usman tells us how important it is that we are involved in this process, and shows us how valuable messy and creative systems can be.

Usman Haque is founding partner of Umbrellium (formerly Haque Design and Research) and founder of Thingful, a search engine for the Internet of Things.

Trained as an architect, he has created responsive environments, interactive installations, digital interface devices and dozens of mass-participation initiatives throughout the world. His skills include the design and engineering of both physical spaces and the software and systems that bring them to life. He is currently teaching “Participatory systems for networked urban environments” at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

He received the 2008 Design of the Year Award (interactive) from the UK Design Museum, a World Technology Award (art) in 2009, the Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence prize and the Asia Digital Art Award Grand Prize.

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