“Great communication is not about what you say, it’s about taking responsibility for what is understood.”

Fiona McNae – TEDx Exeter 2016

Fiona McNae

“Do you know what I mean?” Taking responsibility for being understood

Communication is complicated: Fiona shows how words, numbers and emojis mean different things to people from different backgrounds. She wants us to take more responsibility for ensuring people understand what we’re trying to say.

Fi McNae is the co-founder and CEO of Space Doctors, an international consultancy specialising in strategic cultural and semiotic insight for brands. She has had an important role in bringing academic semiotics into the commercial sphere, using cultural and semiotic techniques in brand strategy, new product development and communications.

Space Doctors is focused on making client teams both informed enough and brave enough to make a positive difference to culture and society through their activities, and to use their brands to this end in a more purposeful and imaginative fashion.

Fi also has a doctorate in molecular toxicology and an MBA specialising in marketing effectiveness and agency accountability.

Biography Published 2016

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