Peter Cox


Climate Change: Thinking outside the Low Carbon Box

The climate is still changing, even though we have stopped talking about it. We can’t pretend the problem doesn’t exist; and we can’t just focus on adapting to climate change.

Peter Cox is Professor of Climate System Dynamics and leader of the inter-disciplinary “Climate Change and Sustainable Futures” activity at the University of Exeter. His personal research has focussed on interactions between the biosphere and climate, including the first climate projections to include vegetation and the carbon cycle as interactive elements. These simulations demonstrated the potential for the land carbon cycle to provide a very significant acceleration of global warming through loss of soil carbon, and also suggested that the Amazon rainforest could dieback under climate change.

Peter Cox is a lead-author on the forthcoming Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and is a member of Science Advisory Group for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, as well as being amongst the most highly-cited authors in climate change research during the last decade.

Biography published 2012

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