Sara Hyde


We need to talk about prisons

How many people does each of us know that have been to prison? Why is it that the answer is “lots” for some of us and “none” for others? Who ends up in our prisons? Other human beings. What does justice look like for them?

Sara Hyde is a leading left-wing thinker on women and the criminal justice system. She has worked in prisons for six years and currently works with young women leaving custody. Sara sits on a MoJ board that appoints magistrates and contributes to policy discussions in the sector. Her first career was in theatre and she still occasionally writes and performs with Wonder arts.

She has spent over ten years in North London involved in community activism and is passionate about grassroots change and increased political engagement. She is on the executive committee of the Fabian Women’s Network and is an active member of the Labour Party.

Sara tweets about prisons, justice, arts, feminism and faith here: @SaraKHyde

Biography published 2015

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