“Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK, with three quarters of them being men it makes it the biggest killer of men in the UK.”

Tom Chapman – TEDx Exeter 2018

Tom Chapman

Barbers, preventing suicide one hair cut at a time

After losing a friend to suicide, Tom Chapman decided to do something about the biggest killer of young men in the UK. In a personal, moving talk he tells us about the international movement he founded building on the unique relationship between barbers and their clients to prevent suicide and save lives.

Tom Chapman is a Torquay-based barber who has made it his mission to propel the stigma of mental ill health among men into the mainstream. In 2015 founded the Lions Barber Collective, an international group of barbers who have undergone training in how to recognise symptoms of mental ill health in clients and signpost them to relevant support services.

The group helps to raise awareness of mental illness and aims to prevent suicide by creating training that enables barbers to recognise, talk and listen out for symptoms of depression.

Biography published 2018

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