Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


Why a good story makes food more sustainable

We’re on a continuum between plastic processed food that we have never touched and hunter-gatherers. We need to move closer towards a more sustainable food future.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is widely known as a writer, broadcaster and campaigner for his uncompromising commitment to real food. His series for Channel 4, most recently River Cottage VEG Every Day, have earned him a huge popular following.  The accompanying book of the same name was published by Bloomsbury in September 2011.

His first book in the River Cottage series, THE RIVER COTTAGE COOKBOOK, scooped the top food writing awards, including the Glenfiddich Trophy and the André Simon Food Book of the Year. His next book, THE RIVER COTTAGE YEAR, was a passionate polemic for shopping, cooking and eating in tune with the seasons. THE RIVER COTTAGE MEAT BOOK aimed to help cooks understand meat better, and invited readers to join the campaign to improve quality and welfare in the production of British meat. In recognition of this he again won both the André Simon prize and the Glenfiddich Trophy. THE RIVER COTTAGE FAMILY COOKBOOK won the Guild of Food Writers Award for Cookery Book of the Year. With THE RIVER COTTAGE FISH BOOK Hugh once again won the Andre Simon Food Book of the Year award, was shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers Award for Cookery Book of the Year, and won the Michael Smith Award.

Hugh and his team of food experts operate out of River Cottage HQ, a 17th century farmhouse, converted barns and 60-odd acres of land. HQ is now a venue for courses and events expounding the River Cottage food philosophy, and celebrating the very best local, seasonal food. Hugh’s website,, is an important forum for discussing food issues of every kind.

Biography published 2012

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