Mike Dickson


What is Enough?

What is enough? How many presents do we receive that we don’t really want? And by implication, how many presents we have given haven’t been wanted? A colossal waste, driven by thoughtlessness. And take food. We throw away one-third of all the food we buy. One billion gorge ourselves and pay for gyms and diets, while another billion starve.

Mike Dickson advises companies, ranging from private equity firms to fashion retailers, on how to develop effective and inspiring relationships with charities: partnerships that help to inspire employees, increase job satisfaction, improve internal communications and create a more intelligent business. Mike co-founded the successful children’s charity Whizz–Kidz which provides mobility equipment for disabled children. Since 1990 Whizz–Kidz has raised over £75 million to provide equipment for more than 7,500 children and young people.

Mike is the author of Please Take One Step, a call to lead a more generous life, to move on from consumerism, to a create a world rather than acquire one. It discusses the links between altruism and happiness; asks what is ‘enough’ to live a happy and fruitful life?, challenges us to help the poorest people the UK, to champion the bottom billion in the world, and to do no harm to our environment.

In 2011 Mike founded the Rainmaker Foundation, to proactively help NGOs. Mike is a regular attendee at Ted Global. He has ‘been round 6 marathons’, led fundraising treks in the Himalayas and Peru, is married with two children, and lives in West London.

Biography published 2012

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